From anonymous, 1 Year ago, written in Plain Text.
  1. We learned 80 years ago that appeasement doesn’t work when dealing with right-wing extremists. It will never work. Forget honey. Start shooting and watch how quick they fall in line.
  3. MAGAts are exceedingly fearful people. That’s why they bully and make so much noise. It’s why they claim religion and dream of iron fisted leadership. They want a strong Daddy. So, use your best tool – fear. Real fear, not imagined.
  5. If I were governor, I’d come at that problem with full physical force. And, lo and behold, you’ll find that the right-wingers will drop their so-called ideology adore you.
  7. Most liberals don’t get how half the human population thinks. Even when presented with it, they refuse to accept it. “We can negotiate. We can be friends.” No, you cannot, no matter how much you wish it. With that segment of the population, if you want them to like you, you must use the whip or they will mock you and never respect you. This is human nature.
  9. Until liberals figure this out, this will go on forever, and they will never have the opportunity to lead the other half of the population to enlightenment. First, you must gain their attention and respect, and there is only one way to do that.