From Adrian Colley, 10 Months ago, written in Plain Text.
This paste will slip away in 2 Weeks.
  3. There are 72 days left before Biden and Harris take office, and Trump has motive, method, and opportunity to engage in shenanigans in that time.
  5.     He can interfere with the declaring of results of the popular vote. He’s doing this mainly with court challenges, but it’s clear already that his strategy is to convince his own voters that the election was stolen, rather than building an actual legal case.
  7.     He can lean on state legislatures to set aside the popular vote and explicitly substitute their own choice of Electors. I’m pretty sure this is unconstitutional, but my opinion doesn’t matter. It would go to the US Supreme Court.
  9.     He can interfere with the Electors casting their ballots. This would likely take the form of straightforward intimidation and bribery of the party milquetoasts who are chosen to be Electors, but it can also involve tampering with the US Mail to try to prevent the ballots from reaching Washington DC.
  11.     He can obstruct the US Congress from meeting to count the ballots. This wouldn’t help him stay in office, but it would amount to a petty disruption that would lead to a short and embarrassing tenure by President Pelosi. He could use the threat of such disruption as negotiating leverage, or believe that he could do so.
  13.     He can lean on McConnell or individual congressmen to reject ballots peremptorily, so that no candidate reaches 270. The president would then, according to the rules, be selected by the House voting by state (i.e. Trump would win).
  15.     He can organize civil unrest on an outrageous scale, to create or exacerbate a crisis that supposedly justifies postponing the transition “until we figure out what the hell is going on here”. For this to work, he’ll have to convince tens of millions of American citizens that the election has just been stolen.
  17. It’s the endgame for Trump, but it isn’t checkmate yet.
  19. #TrumpEndgame