From Scribby Coyote, 3 Months ago, written in Plain Text.
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  1. Release the Halderman Report Now!
  3. Dear Patriots,
  5. A sealed report completed by a security expert and computer science professor at the University of Michigan details the severe vulnerabilities within Georgia’s electronic voting systems.
  7. The problem? Government officials won’t let you see it!
  9. Alex Halderman, the author of the report, discovered that malicious software could easily be installed on the voting system touchscreens. The software vulnerability could allow the changing of votes in the QR codes printed on the ballots. A voter would have no ability to verify if the QR code printed on their ballot matched their written choices.
  11. U.S. District Judge Amy Totenberg denied the release of the report when asked by Louisiana’s Secretary of State to review! Louisiana uses the same voting system as Georgia but Judge Totenberg refused the request, warning of the risk of “spreading misinformation” that might be used to subvert elections or rally conspiracy theories!
  13. This is an absurd excuse that reeks of corruption and complicity! We the People have the undeniable right to see a report pertaining to equipment paid for by our tax dollars!
  15. The Georgia system alone cost over 100 million dollars and now a judge says she is protecting the public by denying the release of the report! What is Judge Totenberg hiding? What is she afraid of us seeing?
  17. Tell your Representatives today to urge an immediate unsealing of the Halderman Report and demand accountability and transparency from your elected officials!
  19. I find it strange that a judge will not release the report as Fox News, OANN, and Mike Lindell continue their legal battles against Dominion Voting Systems.
  21. The report could contain information that either supports or invalidates the claims levied against Dominion Voting Systems yet Judge Totenberg insists on keeping it hidden from the public! Not a good look if you ask me!
  23. The 2022 Midterm Elections are coming up fast and we need to unite and make every effort to return to hand counted ballots! We cannot allow the voice of the American people to rest in the hands of compromised electronic systems.
  25. Urge your Representatives to force the release of the Halderman Report TODAY!
  27. Sincerely,
  29. The Conservative Daily Team