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  1. Yesterday around 4pm, something hopped the fence to my yard and viciously attacked one of my dogs. Unfortunately I did not have any video of what it could be, but whatever it was, it wanted to eat her. If it weren’t for Chloe, our Dutch Shepherd, I’m certain my Kaya would be gone.
  2. I live on Burnham road about a quarter mile away from the corner market. If you’re not home, just leave the small dogs inside. This seems to be happening more often lately.
  3. Thank you to Tim for rushing her to the vet when I was not home and thank you to the Oak View Vet Clinic for their urgency and care in saving my dog. Thank you to Marisa for staying up with her until I was able to get home last night.
  4. We have a long road to recovery, but I’m confident she will pull through. If you live on Burnham, just keep your eyes peeled and check your yards before letting small dogs outside.
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  9. follow up comment from another neighbor
  12. I'm on Burnham also and not far from the Corner Market and had a mountain lion sitting between my house and the house behind me on Grapevine. I heard something move between my field behind me and the house behind. I looked up and there it was sitting on the fence. Thank God I was outside with my dogs to go potty. I just screamed and yelled and threw a rock at it, grabbed my dogs and it ran off. It scared the hell out of me. I don't let my dogs out anymore ever without me being with them. I also purchased an air horn which I heard would scare them off. I keep it right on top of my porch. I also had a coyote that was coming around at night and trying to get into a large pot with lid that I used to keep my dog food in. It didn't have food in there for a long time. It managed to get the lid off but nothing was in there. It came a few times and I could hear it. I leave nothing out as food or water for them. Be careful everyone. I don't want them to die but I don't want my dogs to die either.